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Someone on FB posted this:  http://abcnews.go.com/News/christine-odonnell-dabbled-witchcraft/story?id=11671277
I feel I must say that it is clear she is either lying or stupid or both...and clearly doing it for attention and to promote a badass been-there, done-that image, not to mention she's pulling the old Christian preacher trick where they pretend like they've "gone Pagan" for a while and "seen what Pagans really do and seen that witches work for the devil and really are Satanists even though they say they aren't".  Ugh.  She clearly doesn't know what she is talking about, and she doesn't even make sense!  How could you have a date/picnic on an altar???  Stooopiiid.

This is my "official" response, and the discussion that followed:

Wicce Witch Wicca:
Satanism and witchcraft are not the same thing, not by a long shot.  No relation.   Satanists sometimes try to associate themselves with witchcraft/witches in order to cause trouble for witches, give themselves a more badass image, and annoy Christians, but Satan isn't even a Pagan deity, he's a Christian invention.  Real witchcraft is nothing like that.  It's about nature and energy and doing good for the sake of doing good and holding yourself accountable.  To hate witches is to hate women, to make witches look evil is to say women are evil.  It's misogyny.  Witch or wicce means wise woman, a healer, a spiritual woman.  It is the origin of human spirituality and the heritage of all humans.  Wit, wicker, wisdom.  Wicker because it can bend.  Wicca is a male form.  Warlock has nothing to do with witchcraft and is actually a (Scottish?) insult.   Early European Christians took the word wicce and turned it into the word wicked, reflecting the oppression of their convert-or-die methods.  They also took Goddess imagery and picked it apart and warped it and used the bits to create their images of evil.  Red for menstrual and birthing blood, horns for the horned shape of the female reproductive system, et cetera. 

Learn the truth about the things you have been taught to hate, it will surprise you.

Take some Anthropology, Gender Studies, Art History, World Religions, etc type classes.  Read some real witchcraft books by real actual witches.  Learn history.  Not the oppressor's version of history...look for the reality under the lies.  I challenge you, if you aren't doing so already.  I challenge you to question the prejudice, hatred, bigotry...the assumptions and stereotypes. 

And if you still choose to hate and choose to be willfully ignorant...grow a brain already or at least stop trying to hurt those of us who have brains.

Someone replied: I think of Satan as a political cartoon, an instrument of propaganda, a caricature of Cernunnos..

My response:  Yes, Satan is a way for Christianity to usurp, twist, warp, and vilify the Horned God, another way to make Paganism look evil, an excuse to hate.  And just as someone pointed out, he is a tool of control and persuasion.  Underneath the terrible besmirching of sweet Cernunnos, etc, which is bad enough in itself,there lies more misogyny, though- because the horns are not just representative of male animals, they were and are a way of representing the path for males (esp male shaman) to tap into the power of the Goddess, divine creative power, and to recognize and realize that it is within all and is neither male or female but is both and neither at the same time, and that we all start out female and so we're not really that different.  Males are just a different version of females, or more accurately perhaps, males and females are the same thing.  People think of male and female as polar opposites, but that's not really true.  There is a lot of grey area in gender identity, for example.  In the original matriarchal cultures of the world, there were ways for males to be as powerful as females, to be equals, by tapping into menstrual and birth powers through shamanism.  I think the Patriarchy rose out of a contagious general male fear of inequality and desire for more power, plus a male fear of being unnecessary/unneeded.  It's humanity's mental illness because it is not in balance and is not sustainable.  But we're headed back to balance, hopefully we'll get there before we do too much damage to Mother Earth.  My wife is the expert on this stuff, she could probably do a better job of explaining than I can.  Shamanism is a way for everyone to experience and embody creative power.  That's how I see it.  Androgyny was sacred to ancient peoples because it held that both/neither power in it, hence the sacredness of bisexual and homosexual people in many ancient cultures, like the Two Spirited people of the Native Americans (which Elk and I both are, incidentally).  The ability to embody both/neither, which everyone has, is the power of total and ultimate wise creation.  We learn healthy destruction and healthy creation.  It's all about responsibility, stewardship.  Destruction isn't evil unless it is out of balance and therefore causes unneeded harm.  There is no shame or wrong in being what we are created to be.  No bad karma for eating and taking care of our human needs, etc.

The only real evil, in my opinion, is what humans do to hurt and harm each other and the planet.  This includes any form of control over others, and mind control is the most common and pervasive.  People don't even know or want to believe they are being manipulated.  It's tragic.  But one by one, they are waking up to it.  Let's hope the trend continues.

One more thing...to hate Paganism, to hate Pagans, to oppress Pagans, is to do dishonor to your ancestors, whatever you believe.  Magic is the heritage of all humans.  Paganism is the heritage of all humans.  So is matriarchy.  And to hate the Goddess is to hate your Mother.


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Sep. 20th, 2010 01:14 am (UTC)
On a related note...
Hell is the name of a Norse Goddess (Hel)...her name was usurped by early European Christians and because of misogyny, it was made into the name of the Christian version of Hades. Kinda insulting to women, and too bad her name has been besmirched like that. Hades/the underworld wasn't originally evil/scary, either. It was originally representative of being in the womb/Mother Earth's womb (the soil), waiting for new birth/sprouting like a seed, and again the misogyny turned it into a scary place of punishment.
And Elk said: Not to mention she was beautiful above and rotten below...think about that a moment. There's also a dragon down there, Nidhogg, I think. Another Goddessy thing (serpents)j. Don't get me started on the Aesir, either, the assholes, lol. A...lso, she was Loki's child (the shapeshifter / androgynous god). He (and sometimes she) had 3 "monstrous" children. 3. A wolf (think Diana), Fenrir, a snake (oh, gee, I wonder...), Jormungandr, and a woman that was beautiful above and rotten below, Hel. They were all considered evil. Also, the Jotuns? Nature gods. Skadi is awesome. Not evil.
Finally, all humans come from some ice giant's armpit.
Oct. 29th, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
Interesting Writings
It is very cool to read your postings unedited. Great way for me to get to know you.
Dec. 18th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
Re: Interesting Writings
Oh, wow, hi Mom. Thanks. ^_^
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