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AKA What is Going On These Days with Your Favorite Lesbian Couple (You Know We Are!):

We are doing okay.  I've been really sick with a nasty head cold but am like 80% better now.  We have been very busy too.  We've gone to a few cultural events and festivals and we have just generally been running around doing stuff.  It's good.  Very good.  We have a lot of plans of more stuff to do soon, too. 
Elk is training for dog grooming and we are pleased to tell you that in a few months, she will be able to fully support us.  When I'm feeling well enough, I'm going to train to be a groomer, too.  It's a really good job and the people are nice.  We are making friends with a groomer who works there and plan to invite her and her girlfriend over for a movie night soon.  They seem like really nice women and are about our age.  It is really good for Elkie to have a friend at work.  One of my friends is planning to move to Tacoma soon, so we will be able to hang out with her, too.  It was nice seeing my cousin Claire when she visited.  She has been living in the Hobbit House I used to live in, in Boise.  Mom just found a buyer for the house, though.  I'm a bit sad that Claire won't get to live in the Hobbit House anymore but I guess it's all for the best.  I'm glad her kitty came back (he had been missing).  It would have been too sad if he didn't.  I'm happy for her, she seems happy and it's great that she has her own kitty now.  I hope we get to see her again soon.  I miss many family members.
Our apartment building has an infestation of bedbugs and they fumigated a couple rooms on lower floors.  I got some bites a couple days ago and we found a bedbug on my purse.  We think we must have picked it up while walking through the hall or it crawled under the door or something.  We are a bit worried but we picked up everything, vacuumed, washed bedding and stuff, and didn't see any more of them.  I'm making some strong lavender/clove/orange/rosemary stuff to clean the floor and carpet with, hopefully it will deter them.  The bites are pretty nasty.  Elk didn't get any.  Trust any biting bug to find me.  Let's hope that no more of them turn up.  I've been told we would have to fumigate (that would make us so sick) and couldn't take our bed and pillows and such with us when we move unless we can wash them and make sure no eggs are in them.  I'm hoping the power of herbs will help keep that from happening.  Apparently some people moved in with eggs in their used mattresses they picked up...or something like that.  Seattle had a infestation this summer.  We haven't told management that we found one because we don't want unnecessary fumigation, but if we find more of them, we might have to.  :(  I sure hope not. 
The good health news is that I've lost about 35 lbs or so, and some of my old clothes fit, and I went for a month without menstrual flooding and then got my period just after Elk's and the new moon.  I think they're trying to align and synchronize.  Sure hope so.  Oh, yeah, about the low income apartments we had been considering.  We checked them out.  They are SCARY.  Very scary people live in them.  This place is scary enough, it is rather ghetto.  We have druggies, dealers, drunks, people who scream and fight and hit things and throw things around 24/7, constant pot and tobacco smoke, et cetera.  The main problem with the low income housing is that it takes at least a year or more to get in, and by that time Julie will be making too much money to qualify.  We are looking at inexpensive housing closer to her work.  The pollution and noise here are hard on us.  The buses run where we'd need to go to get around.  We have walked all over the area near her work and it's much nicer and housing is cheaper/better.  For what we are paying, we can do way better for an apartment outside of the downtown area.  Once we can support ourselves we are going to save up for a vehicle, it would make our lives so much easier.  We don't want to have one at this apartment building (not unless we get it just before we move) because the parking payment is so high.  It will be better outside of downtown.  All downtown parking is insanely expensive.  I catch a bug every time I take the bus somewhere, even though I use hand sanitizer and take immune stuff.  Having a vehicle will keep us healthier.  Plus when we walk downtown we breathe a ton of car exhaust.  It would be much better to do our walking at the arboretum and parks.  The area we want to move has nice places to walk.  It is also near some fun craft stores like JoAnne's and Michaels and the World Market.  Once I get my online store going and am selling my stuff at the fairs, it will be nice to have the supplies so close.  Plus I am not as scared to walk alone in that area like I am in the area we are living in.  I'll still be careful, of course, it's just a safer area.
I tried to get on disability but it didn't work out.  It's pretty much a horror story, in fact.  I was told (repeatedly) that not many people get on it, and someone said it usually it takes about three years and a court battle, and apparently I would have to go to a medical doctor they approve and see a shrink they like regularly, and they reserve the money and aid for the people who are the most disabled and need it the most and I would only get about three hundred extra a month and the aid wouldn't cover naturopathic visits (which is what my doctor is, and I don't want to go back to conventional crap medicine).  The whole ordeal has been very stressful and has caused a lot of sleep loss and hair loss and nightmares and panic attacks and crying my eyes out...mostly due to the interrogations they put me through.  They understand that I am too sick to work right now but I am not in a wheelchair or missing limbs or retarded.  My friend told me her ex's dad lost the use of his hands and they didn't want to give him disability.  They make it as hard and painful and scary and nasty as possible to deter people.  Basically, you almost have to be a fully capable, able-bodied, healthy rich person to get on disability.  I'm not exaggerating.  It's disgusting.  With all the crap our country can spend our tax dollars on, why the heck can't we take care of our own needy people?  It's so bass-ackwards.  I had been getting a lot of pressure to get on it, too.  People don't know how hard it is.  Plus my mom's lawyer told her I should be able to get it.  I think some people think that I can just fill out a form and get approved.  A few people have had an attitude of, well, if you really can't work, prove it by getting on disability.  The pressure to get on it has been the most stressful thing about it (other than the fact that the social worker tried to force me to see a shrink, which is too freaky to me, I have bad trauma about that.)  I don't like feeling like a burden or leech on anyone, I just can't handle much physically or emotionally yet.  I'm trying to get better.  I don't want to hurt anyone.  Stress makes me cranky and I say things I shouldn't and do things I shouldn't. 
We did, however, get food stamps.  We are eating better and feel better because of it.  We have both slimmed down a bit.  I have been entering contests online and won a few prizes.  I got $100 from one this month and am debating what to do with it, we'll see where we need it.  I'm going to start stockpiling crafts to sell at some of the free craft fairs coming up.  We are almost on our feet, and it will be good to be independent.  And once we are on our feet we can do a lot more fun stuff like camping and visiting Boise for vacations, maybe.  I think once I'm stronger and in less pain, I could easily handle dog grooming.  I might even enjoy it.  And it is supposedly not too hard to get hired by the employer, they aren't as judgmental as some employers. 



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